Calgary Bridesmaid Dresses
Designed by Hanna

In the bridal shops of Calgary, bridesmaid dresses in the desired colour, size and style are difficult, often impossible, to find. Even special orders often require re-sizing. And if there are three or four bridesmaids, the chances are small that one manufactured style will suit them all.

Supple and stylishHanna makes it easy to match colour and style as well as other elements in her perfectly fitting bridesmaid dresses. Her experience as a wedding dress designer allows her to incorporate elements of your wedding dress into your bridesmaids’ dresses so that the entire wedding party presents an image that is aesthetically pleasing. Clever changes to the basic style can enhance each bridesmaid’s appearance while still retaining the visual harmony of the wedding party.

Young and Free

Bridesmaids are there to support the bride but they also want to display their youthfulness and vitality. Supple and stylish bridesmaid dresses let their exuberance flow freely.

A skilled bridesmaid dress designer, Hanna can create the latest fashions as well as the traditional ones. Her expertise allows her to blend both classic and modern styles to suit modern tastes while still honoring timeless traditions.

Whether your bridesmaids wish to appear sophisticated or care-free, bridesmaids dresses designed by Hanna will help create the perfect wedding day.