Hem Jeans the Right Way

Need someone to hem jeans? It’s not a big problem. All you need is a good sewing machine, experience at making exact measurements, many years of sewing experience and the confidence that your work will look good in public.

Hanna of Hanna Design & Alterations can supply all that. And do it quickly too. How many jeans can Hanna hem? Bring them all.

Designer Jeans Hemming

Tailored to youExpensive jeans?  Then you’ll want to maintain the original look. Hanna can hem your jeans and finish them just like the original. Alternately, she can cut off the bottom, shorten the jeans and re-attach the original.

No mistakes here. Hanna’s experience includes wedding dress making, special costumes for Alberta Theatre Projects and the University of Calgary, costume design and so on. So you see, she doesn’t just hem jeans. She can hem anything.

But she may not be able to hem jeans while you wait. Better have another pair of jeans.