Special Occasion Dresses by Hanna

What’s on your calendar? A wedding to attend? Special business function? Charity dinner? Graduation? The question is always the same. What do you wear on each special occasion? Dresses by Hanna are the answer.

Hanna’s knowledge of fabrics and design can be quickly translated into elegant special occasion dresses that drape perfectly, hold their form and are exquisite to the touch.

Whether it’s an evening dress, graduation dress or the always elegant Little Black Dress, your special occasion dresses must withstand the scrutiny of a well dressed crowd. If you are the star of the show, Hanna can fashion that extra special creation perfect for the spotlight.

Attention to Detail

As an expert dressmaker and designer, Hanna prides herself on her attention to detail. Flawless seams and stylish hems, perfect button holes and clasps—these are strengths of her creations. Additional adornments such as sequins, beads or lace are matched to the occasion.

Exquisite masterpieces

And certainly not the least of Hanna’s concerns is comfort.  What good is a beautiful dress if the wearer is uncomfortable? A well made special occasion dress moves with your body, flows across the dance floor and allows you to celebrate the occasion. Require something that can’t be found locally? Hanna can make it.

Semi-Formal Too

Not all occasions demand “haute couture.” Semi-formal attire such as evening dresses and cocktail gowns are perfect for many occasions and can often be designed to be worn at both formal and semi-formal functions.

What special occasion dresses are you looking for?