Hanna’s:  Calgary Fashion Designers

Calgary fashion designers, Hanna’s Design & Alterations, began long ago in the city of Warsaw, Poland. It was there that a teenage Hanna and her sister designed and made their own clothes.

Hanna was simply doing what had to be done—there wasn’t much to buy in communist Poland—but although she didn’t know it, she was also on the path to becoming one of an elite group of Calgary fashion designers.

As a young woman, Hanna operated her own business making ballroom and Latin dance outfits and fashion clothes for boutiques in Poland. Due to strict rules, she had to take many courses in skills, design and production and learned everything required to run a successful business before she was allowed to operate.

Coming to Canada

In 1989, Hanna came to Toronto with her young daughter. She didn’t speak a word of English or know a single person in Canada. During this period, she didn’t have time to dream of being one of the Calgary fashion designers. She worked 80 hours a week, or more, doing anything— in clothing factories, waitressing, donut shops—until she got her landed immigrant status.

In 1992, Hanna and her daughter moved to Calgary. Fashion designers in the city sometimes got started helping groups with costumes. Hanna continually kept in contact with the Alberta Ballet, asking to help with their costumes.

After several years, she got the break she needed. For the next few years, she worked for them, Alberta Theatre Projects and various alterations stores. She even helped with the costumes for the National Ballet of Canada’s Swan Lake.

Hanna’s Dream Comes True

Over 30 Years ExperienceBut her real dream was to be in business. In 2001 she took the plunge and opened Hanna’s Design & Alterations, Calgary fashion designers.

Since then she has designed everything—fashion clothing, wedding dresses, dance costumes, curtains and more. She calls Hanna’s her dream come true. Now she spends her days making her clients’ dreams come true by creating clothing they love.

Hanna calls sewing her hobby but it’s much more than that. If she’s not designing for her clients, she’s creating the visions in her head, whipping up a jacket in an hour or a beautiful dress on a Sunday afternoon. Designing and sewing are her passions and that intense passion is what has made her one of the most talented yet down-to-earth Calgary fashion designers.