The Little Black Dress
– Designed by Hanna

The most versatile evening or cocktail dress is the Little Black Dress, so famous that it’s often referred to as the “LBD.” Invented in the 1920s by famed designer Coco Chanel, it has withstood the test of time. Think about it. What other 1920 style is still being worn almost a hundred years later?

The Little Black Dress is essential to a modern woman’s wardrobe. The secret to its long-lasting success is the simplicity of its design. Quite short, a simple cut, the Little Black Dress can be dressed down by wearing a jacket over it, or dressed up by adding jewelery or other accessories.

A classic essentialDeceptively Simple

The Little Black Dress should be as simple as possible. Of course, that doesn’t mean “plain.” Hanna can design an elegant Little Black Dress that won’t become dated by fancy additions that manufacturers often add to their versions which quickly go out of style. Demure or sexy, sophisticated or naughty, the Little Black Dress can do it all.