Cocktail Dresses by Hanna’s
– Your Cocktail Dress Designers

It’s time to party. Whether it’s short and sexy or long and sultry, the cocktail dress is a girl’s best friend. Semi-formal functions become colourful affairs when you enter the room in a perfectly fitting cocktail dress made by Hanna.

Most popular of the cocktail dresses is the knee-length style. Also popular are Freedom to express yourselfthe tea-length style where the hem is 2 inches above the ankle and the ankle-length ballerina style. However, as with all semi-formal attire, the style is secondary to the fabric.

Your Idea, Hanna’s Craftsmanship

Hanna, one of Calgary’s top cocktail dress designers, can suggest suitable fabrics such as silk, velvet or rayon. Bring in a photo of a design you like and Hanna will make your dream a reality. A cocktail dress is really a party dress and Hanna’s well made creations will give you the freedom to move across the dance floor. Come on, girl, express yourself!