Mother of the Bride Dresses
by Hanna’s Design

As the mother of the bride, you want your daughter to be as proud of you as you are of her. Whether you are part of a classic or modern style wedding, whether it occurs in a church or on a sandy beach, you want a mother of the bride dress that provides both comfort and style. And you want it to be unique!

Avoid Mother of the Bride Clichés

Most bridal shops offer only a very limited selection of mother of the bride dresses. And often their offerings are based on older ideas of how the mother of the bride should be dressed. Modern mothers are often working women with careers who wish to project an image of vitality and elegance. Where can such a woman find the perfect balance between tradition and modernity?

The perfect balanceDepending on the style of wedding, mother of the bride dresses can be elegant cocktail-type dresses, sophisticated gowns, or something more casual that can be worn again on other occasions.

Whatever style you choose, Hanna can create a perfectly fitting garment that can be tastefully adorned to suit your personality. Whether it’s beads, lace-work, or trendy detail, Hanna can expertly and skillfully create a mother of the bride dress that will please your daughter and your guests.

You may not be the center of attention while the bride is in the room, but then, she’s not always in the room.