Ballet Costumes Designed by Hanna

Traditional ballet costumes are meant to enhance the elegance of the dancer. To do so they must be durable and supple.

The bodice retains its shape by means of corded edges. Adjustment points at the seams allow for quick alterations. Tutu skirts come in several styles such as the classical, powder-puff or Balanchine and platter designs. Such designs and construction require the skills and knowledge of a professional dressmaker.

Layers of diamond net and tulle and rows of ruffles help create the recognizable image of the ballerina. Beginners and professionals will appreciate the fine quality of Hanna’s craftsmanship.

Her experience with Alberta Ballet and with ballet costume fabrics ensures that your costume will not only enhance the appearance of the dancer, but will enhance the performance as well.

Exquisite to the last detail

Inspired Ballet Dresses

More modern ballet styles call for flowing colourful dresses of various lengths. Hanna’s ability to balance layers of beautiful fabrics will result in the graceful, flowing ballet dresses that thrill an audience. Whether you require a single ballet dress or a set for your ballet group, Hanna will professionally create and deliver your order on time.

Choose the style, fabrics and accessories and watch your ballet costumes come to life.