Expert Leather Repair, Calgary

Many people who are comfortable making simple repairs on most fabrics sometimes become nervous when it comes to leather repairs. Calgary shoe repairers might do a good job on shoes, but they probably lack the finesse to repair that leather jacket or vest.

Hanna of Hanna’s Design & Alterations has a few tricks up her sleeve. An experienced seamstress, Hanna can do wonders with both machine sewing and hand sewing.

Creative Leather Repair

Fine workmanshipFine leather repairs require more than mere stitchery. A stitch that ruins the overall design of the garment is just as noticeable as the original tear. Hanna will either blend her repairs into the original garment or add stitching design to camouflage the repair.

If the damage is extensive, Hanna may be able to alter the garment with new material.

Calgary, especially during Stampede time, likes to display its leather. Let Hanna add some leather adornments to your favorite Stampede outfit.