Calgary Bridal Dresses:
Your Bridal Dress Designer

There’s no doubt that the focus of any wedding is the bride and her bridal dress. All eyes are on her as she walks, bouquet in hand, down the aisle, her beauty enhanced by the bridal gown she has chosen. The elements that make a bridal dress—veil, train, fabric, crystals and beads—can be shaped, by Hanna’s skilled hands, into that bridal dress of your dreams.

Formal or informal, modern or traditional, full-length or knee-length, your bridal dress will rise above those found in the shops of Calgary. Bridal dresses in the shops offer you a choice, but a bridal gown from Hanna offers you the opportunity to design your own bridal dress down to the last detail.

Capturing the Bride’s Vision of Herself

Exquisite to the last detailBridal dresses by Hanna are exquisite creations that express the bride’s vision of herself. Whether you prefer a classic or modern design, Hanna can work with you to create the bridal gown that perfectly fits your figure and your personality. Elaborate or simple, sophisticated or care-free, your bridal dress, carefully crafted by Hanna, will bring you joy even while it is being created.

Unlike some bridal dress designers, Hanna does not impose her ideas on her clients, but encourages them to develop and express their own vision of their wedding day.

Let Hanna bring to life your vision of the bridal gown of your dreams. Her knowledge of bridal dress fabrics and styles will guide your choices to develop an elegant bridal dress that you can wear with confidence and pleasure. There will be none quite like it in all of Calgary. Bridal dresses express the beauty of brides. Your dress will express your beauty.