Semi-Formal Dresses Designed by Hanna

In our more casual times, the line between formal and casual has become somewhat blurred. Many occasions that were once considered “formal” have been re-defined as semi-formal. So what does one wear to a semi-formal event?

Semi-formal dresses can be ankle-length to knee-length. More important than style is the type of fabric they are made from. Semi-formal dresses are often made of silk or any silky type material, velvet, rayon or cashmere. Not surprisingly, Hanna is experienced in the handling of all these fabrics.

Modern and graceful

Semi-formal dresses such as cocktail dresses are versatile additions to your wardrobe. In a well designed knee-length semi-formal dress by Hanna’s Design & Alterations you can easily move from a semi-formal function to a more casual function and not feel out of place or over-dressed.

Semi-Formal Suits

Sensational ball gowns, complete with sequins and other adornments and suitable for New Year’s events or other elegant holiday parties, are just a part of Hanna’s repertoire. But perhaps you desire a scalloped hemline, something strapless or off-the-shoulder? No problem for Hanna.

Even more versatile than the semi-formal dress is the semi-formal pant suit or dress suit. Modern women are just as comfortable at semi-formal functions wearing pant or dress suits as they are wearing semi-formal dresses. However, a well-fitting pant or dress suit is often more difficult to find.

Hanna can create a perfectly fitting pant or dress suit that could possibly become the most versatile outfit in your closet. Best of all, she can use the fabric you choose; you know, the colour that co-ordinates with those fantastic dress heels you love to wear.