Creative Costumes for Performances

A unique performance requires a unique costume. Bring your role to life with a creative costume designed to enhance the character you are portraying.

Need a Period Piece costume? Something historical? Miltiary? Fantasy? Animals or Aliens? Hanna’s skills can make the creative costume you require with a high degree of authenticity that will transform you and your audience.

Freedom to express yourself

Many directors, actors and other performers are reluctant to use masks, preferring instead to rely on voice and facial expression to create personality and the costume to create the physical illusion. This puts great demands on the making of a costume.

Hanna has provided creative costumes for Alberta Theatre Projects and the University of Calgary. Her craftsmanship, coupled with her understanding of the special needs of performers, enables her to create costumes that are both functional and decorative. The quality is in the details.

Professional and Amateur Creative Costumes

Whether you are part of a cast or your own one-man show, your performance will be enhanced with a quality costume. Magician, street performer, birthday performer, musician, even Santa—a creative costume by Hanna will enhance your performance.