Fancy Dress Costumes By Hanna

A home-made costume might serve for Halloween, but not for that special costume event. A Fancy Dress costume requires all the finesse of a formal or semi-formal dress.

Colours and fabric are the keys to a successful costume and Hanna can make your fancy dress costume so that it not only looks good, but looks good on you.

Fancy Dress costumes suitable for theatrical productions and costume balls usually require many accessories. The quality of these accessories can often ruin the overall effect of the fancy dress costume.

Manufacturers often provide cheaply made plastic accessories. However, many of these accessories– cords, masks, hoods, slippers, capes, purses—can be made by Hanna to match the costume in appearance and quality.

Quality Craftsmanship

Beauty and the Beast

Lovely fancy dress costumes can transform a woman into a princess or a woman of mystery. Men, however, are sometimes reluctant to put on a costume. Unless it makes them look devastatingly handsome.

A well made fancy dress costume that more than hints at authenticity can easily remove that reluctance and allow him to swagger a little. Make a little room on the dance floor; here comes Captain Hook.