Calgary Costumes:
Costume Design by Hanna

Everybody loves a masquerade. And there’s always a reason to clown around in Calgary. Costumes, especially well made costumes, are often difficult to find. And finding one to fit is almost impossible.

In Calgary, costume events are year round. Halloween, of course, but also St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Christmas, school pageants, birthday parties, culture celebrations, theatrical productions and theme parties.

You can settle for plastic and cheap cloth costumes available in the stores, or you can have Hanna create the exact costume you want.

A Reason for Quality

Does your team need a mascot? Such a costume will take a lot of abuse as it travels with the team from place to place, from year to year. Hanna’s well made costumes stand up to rigorous use.

Perfectly tailored for youAnd everyone wants to be part of the annual Stampede in Calgary. Costumes by Hanna retain their western appeal from year to year. Even if you don’t keep your shape, Hanna can easily alter your costume to fit the new you.

Ukrainian? German? Hungarian? Whatever culture you celebrate, Hanna can devise an appropriate cultural costume that you can wear year after year. After all, she was born in Poland.

What Costumes Are You Looking For?