Custom Figure Skating Dresses & Costumes

Your figure skating dress is an essential component of your performance. Colour, cut, style and adornment must all harmonize with the theme music and your performance.

Where can you put all those elements together? Hanna will help you set the right mood for your performance by creating figure skating dresses that love the spotlight and will thrill the audience from one end of the arena to the other.

Hanna’s experience with dance and theatre costumes allows her to easily transfer her understanding of performance quality costuming to the ice arena. A durable, well-fitting figure skating dress must also deliver flexibility and comfort while conforming to the skater’s style.

With Hanna, you have the choice of a wide variety of performance quality materials and the use of her expert skills.

For Competition or Training

Maximum comfort and safetyMost skaters also require practice outfits that must withstand the rigors of training. These can be designed to approximate the final performance costume so that the skater becomes familiar with how the costume might influence her movements.

Whether you require one outfit or a set of figure skating costumes for your figure skating club, you will benefit from Hanna’s professional craftsmanship and prompt delivery.