Pet Costumes:
Made to Measure by Hanna

Pet Costumes are cute, often hilarious, but they have to be practical as well. A good pet costume is comfortable for the pet and does not interfere with the pet’s natural behavior. If the pet is the least bit nervous about the costume, it’s best not to put it on.

But if the costume is right and the pet is willing, who can resist Superdog or Batcat? Halloween fun can include the family pet as long as an adult keeps an eye on the pet’s comfort.

Sound Advice for Your Pet Costumes

Not all good costume ideas are good for pets, and not all pets are good for costuming. Dog costumes are probably the most popular with cat costumes a close second.

If you are having cat or dog costumes made, be sure they are not confining or in some way restrictive. Also

pay attention to the material and the type of fasteners or clasps.

You can select fabric, fasteners and design (or have Hanna help you make a selection) and have the costume made specifically for your pet. That way you can avoid tight fits or obstructions that annoy the pet.

Masks are always a bad idea for any pet. An animal values its senses of sight and smell and usually won’t tolerate anything that interferes. Cute hats are always fun, but look out for the elastic; it could irritate the pet.

Whenever you need an extra participant at a birthday party, a pet elf or a Halloween cuddle, see what Hanna can create for your pet.

Crafted for you

Pet Clothes Too

Some pets benefit from a pet sweater or pet jacket. Store purchases are often too tight or too loose. But having wearing apparel made specifically for your pet ensures that the pet will be comfortable and warm. You’ll even be able to colour co-ordinate your pet’s wardrobe.