Custom Calgary Dresses by Hanna

In Calgary, dresses that stand out and fit you perfectly can be hard to find. At Hanna’s Design & Alterations, we’ll make you a dress or other outfit that will capture attention and bring out the best in you.

Our custom Calgary dresses include wedding dresses, formal dresses and cocktail dresses. But Hanna doesn’t specialize; with more than 30 years of experience, she can design and create any outfit you desire, from skating and dance costumes to jackets and pants.

If you’re tired of the limited fashion selection in Calgary, dresses designed just for you by Hanna are the answer.

Get Exactly What You Want

See something you love but can’t find it in Calgary? Dresses, skirts, costumes and more are easy to copy when you have enough experience. Hanna can even create brilliant dresses inspired by the fashions you see the stars wearing. And a custom dress by Hanna is an affordable alternative to buying designer clothes.

Perfectly tailored for youIf you’re not sure what you want, let Hanna dream up the perfect outfit for you based on your colouring, body type and fashion preferences.

For many clients in Calgary, dresses produced by big-name designers look great on the hanger but not so great on them. Hanna uses her creativity, good taste, knowledge of colour and fabric and superior dressmaking skills to design a custom creation perfectly tailored to you.

You’ll be amazed at how good you look when Hanna dresses you!