Religious Occasion Dresses:
Custom Designed by Hanna

The importance of religious occasions encourages many people, whatever their faith, to dress appropriately. An ordinary dress, worn only on a religious occasion, may be all that is necessary.

Confirmation dresses, for instance, are usually conservative, relatively simple dresses designed to be worn by a teenager and meant to create an image of a young lady rather than a child.

However, special religious occasions, such as First Communion, often require more formal, sometimes even ceremonial, religious clothes.

For men and boys, suits are often appropriate, coupled with religious headwear, cape or sash. For women and girls, religious occasion dresses range from traditional black or dark coloured dresses to more ornate ceremonial dresses, often enhanced with veils, tiaras, capes and embroidery.

The Art of Making Religious Occasion Dresses

Quality Craftsmanship

Many cultural groups incorporate ethnic dress in their formal ceremonies. These religious occasion dresses often have to be handmade requiring dressmaking skills that are quickly being forgotten by many modern women.

Hanna’s Design & Alterations can make an exact copy of historical dresses, either from an original or from a photograph. Hanna can also incorporate your ideas into any existing design.

Whether the occasion is a Christening, Confirmation, special prayers or a wedding, Hanna’s craftsmanship and respect for quality will ensure that the religious occasion dresses and garments you require will be appropriately acceptable to you and those who share your faith.