Calgary Wedding Dresses:
European Craftsmanship

Where can you find wedding dresses that please everyone in the wedding party? Bridesmaids, flower girls, mother of the bride – all have ideas on what your wedding should look like. In Calgary, wedding dresses are scattered from one end of the city to the other making it difficult, if not impossible, to harmonize the look of the wedding party.

But at Hanna’s, wedding dress design comes together. Beginning with the bride’s wedding dress, you can create, down to the last detail, the wedding dress of your dreams. In the hands of Hanna, your expert wedding dress designer, elements of the wedding dress can be incorporated into the bridesmaids’ dresses as well as into the wedding dresses of the often difficult-to-fit flower girls.

Unlimited Choices

Crafted for youUnlike some wedding dress designers, Hanna believes you should have all the choices. In the shops of Calgary, bridesmaids’ dresses often have either the desired colour or style, but usually not both. Hanna makes it easy to incorporate both colour and style so that everyone in the wedding party appears at her best.

For the mother of the bride, there is the opportunity to have a special dress as unique in its way as the wedding dress of her daughter. If she wishes, subtle design elements can blend with the wedding party without imposing on it.

Whether you require matching or complementing wedding dress designs, Hanna will create well made, stylish dresses for the entire wedding party: