Expert Calgary Alterations:
Clothing Alterations by Hanna

Everyone has a favorite outfit. It may be the style, it may be the pattern, it may be the fabric, it may be your perfect colour. It’s not a garment you want to dispose of even though it may not quite fit properly or may have fallen a little out of style.

The answer is to have alterations done by the expert hands of Hanna at Hanna’s Design & Alterations. “Taking in” and “letting out” are everyday tasks at Hanna’s Design. Conscientious workmanship ensures that your clothing alterations will go unnoticed in public.

Trust an Experienced Dressmaker and Fashion Designer

Expert alterations are not always readily available in Calgary. Alterations by clothing stores are usually only available for the new products they sell. They don’t want to be bothered altering the pants, jackets, and shirts that you’ve owned for a while.

Tailored for youHanna’s Design will hem pants, old and new. Jackets, dresses, skirts—whatever you own and value will be given the same high quality treatment that Hanna bestows on her custom orders. All clothing alterations are welcome.

Wedding and bridesmaid dresses, men’s suits, business suits, dress suits and other garments that often require extensive alterations are welcome opportunities for Hanna to display her expertise.

Alteration Specialties